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Monday, 7 November 2011

The Civilised Scoundrels

Meet fresh British band, Scoundrels. Influenced by ‘50s soul, roots, doo wop and classic rock,’ they are Ned on vocals and guitar, George on guitar, Billy on bass and Joshua on drums.

The four school friends were scooped up in London by Seymour Stien (who also signed Madonna, The Ramones) and carefully placed in Lafayette, Louisiana to record their debut album.  Louisiana would apparently give the band the melting pot of blues, gospel and soul they needed to concoct a mix of British rock, to American jazz.

And it worked.

Scoundrels, chosen as their name ‘because it was better than Carpet Lickers,’ have developed a fresh sound. Their songs are catchy, and tell a story.  They are an old-new, American-British, blue-rock band with something special to add. 

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