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Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Reluctant Share

Reluctantly I share Jai Paul, an enchanting British songwriter and producer. 

Jai Paul and I have history. We go back a couple of years with 'BTSTU'. A beautiful, bewitching private passion I was introduced to by a friend. Despite Paul successfully entrancing some big music names like Annie Mac and Zane Lowe with this track, it remained somewhat private.

Then, Drake decides to sample over that gem of a song with some crappy rap misfit called, 'Dreams Money Can Buy'. Not cool. Luckily, most people were too falsely entranced by Drake's apparent genius to question the real origin of the mesmerizing backtrack. Even Beyonce apparently tried to grab a piece of the with her track 'Till The End Of Time', but still Jai Paul seemingly remained safely swept under the magic carpet.

So just as I was beginning to feel secure, and at one with my personal Jai Paul secret, he goes and bloody releases another spellbinding track, 'Jasmine'. Fuck. There's no hushing this up.

And so, I reluctantly share Jai Paul, a magician of music, a wizard of wacky music and a sorcerer of song.

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