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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Festival Review - Truck

In the month of July, nestled among the hazy, green Oxfordshire fields, wedged between the hustle and bustle of farm life, is Truck Festival. Not to be confused with Truck Fest, (The Original Road Haulage and Trucking Events Company...!?!) Truck Festival is a small UK music festival with big line up.

Described as ‘the godfather of small festivals’, this year Truck boasted headliners like The Temper Trap, Mystery Jets and Tim Minchin on the Main Stage. Alongside these, there are plenty other smaller acts to keep things cruising. 

Funky rock posh boys Theme Park kept the crowd merry, while folk newcomers Lucy Rose and King Charles packed out the (sweaty) Second Stage.

A personal favourite for me were Man Like Me. Their previous single Squeeze was featured a few months ago, and sums up the band: completely bonkers. At one point, the red Second Stage tent was filled with people jumping around to one topless skinny bloke, someone who looked like the topless skinny bloke, and a black man wearing what can only be described as a shiny African woman's dress. Their energy transcended into the crowd. We were now in a parallel universe where everything was red, we were all dancing in shiny African dresses. And loving it. 

Aside from the music, Truck Festival had a go at the standard ‘vintage dress’ shop, ‘massage and relaxation centre’, and an embarrassingly dead marquee disco. The food stalls, despite running out on the last night, were stocked with local YUMMY produce, and the chips – Oh the chips – kept my wheels turning.
As for the people themselves, there are a few families with wee ones, and a few too many cocky teenagers, but everyone seemed to mind their own business.

Potential improvements for next year lie with the dodgy loos getting a good cleaning, the lack of pubs/bars atmosphere, and a serious need for some after dark escapades. 

Overall, Truck is a chilled out festival. It’s easy to get to, it’s not too busy and the staff were helpful and friendly. If you’re after hard core clubbing and drugging, Truck is not the right ride for you; but if you want a little laid back adventure with interesting music, food and atmosphere, then hitch a lift for Truck.

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