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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Haunting Hibernation: Youth Lagoon

Hidden beneath a dusty dredge of emotion and blanketed under a leafy layer of mental dysphoria is Youth Lagoon, AKA Trevor Powers. The Californian musician released his debut album The Year of Hibernation in September 2011, and for me, it has taken a long cold year for Powers to come out of hibernation and find me.

Described as 'dream pop', 'experimental', 'atmospheric' and 'electronic', Powers' music is certainly eclectic; but there is something engaging about it, which makes Youth Lagoon stand out among others still sleeping in this genre. 

While complex euphoric music is no new feat, with different genres of euphoria emerging, The Year of Hibernation is a leafy mix of day dreaming, scenic songs, clever touches and beautiful lyrics that still make sense when you aren't listening to the words. It is easy listening music making you feel 'deep' inside. The digital chords, synthesized vocals, hollow beginnings, and progressive arrangements make the whole record a magical journey.

In fact, the more you listen, the more you get the impression that Powers himself has been on a journey through this record. 
'When I was seventeen, 
my mother said to me, 
"Don't stop imagining. 
The day that you do is the day that you die".
(From Seventeen)

His words are sometimes all over the places, and even a little whiney and repetitive, but at the heart of them is a world of stories. They are meaningful, even if you're not sure about their exact meaning. 

You wore a hoodless sweatshirt on your bed that night 
With black leggings, I've never seen your face so white
Your honesty was killing me 
The monsters in the room were all dancing to the music all around us
(From Montana)

Perhaps it is the sense that Powers himself has delved and explored deep into personal wounds, battles and emotions, that makes The Year of Hibernation come to life. It doesn't just feel like you are waking up the youthful hipster in yourself, but it feels like you are part of a very personal, very large following. Despite others being awoken to Youth Lagoon before me, I still feel a magical privacy with the music.

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