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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Think acoustic, think simple, think Fink

Stumbling across the busy backstreets of YouTube, where I often find myself happily lost after a long day ‘at the office’, I found Fink, aka Fin Greenhall.

Currently based in Brighton, England, Fink has written songs for John legend, produced artists like Amy Winehouse, appeared on Bonobo’s Days To Come (2006) album and most recently colaborated with Professor Green on the 2010 track, Closing the Door. Clearly Fink is not new to the music industry.

In June 2011, he released his 5th album, Perfect Darkness, which has an acoustic feel, but Greenhall also DJs under the name Sideshow. Generally, his tracks are pretty chilled-out and acoustic, and there is something private about their lack of catchy, mainstream choruses. He has an honest, bluesy voice and the simplicity of his songs makes them comforting. For me, there is a definite Dave Matthews Band feel, and something jazzy about Fink my dad would appreciate (with the exception of the Professor Green part).

Altogether, he seems a creative singer-songwriter who has released some easy-listening tunes - perfect after a long day ‘at the office’...

Favourite tracks:

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