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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Twin Atlantic - Brave Hearts

Formed in 2007, Twin Atlantic have released 3 albums and have supported some big names in the world of rock music. They are a very Scottish band: made up of Sam McTrusty (vocals, guitar), Barry McKenna (guitar, cello, backing vocals), Ross McNae (bass, backing vocals) and Craig Kneale (drums). But it is not just their names which are Scottish. Unlike the current wave of singer-songwriters who sing in a somewhat unexpected attempt at a 'posh South accent mate', Twin Atlantic embrace their Glasgow roots. And it works.

This 'classic British accent', displayed so beautifully by bands like The Kooks, has been copied so queerly by bands from all over the UK that it has now lost any meaning or mystique. Twin Atlantic sing real songs, with their real accent and it conveys real emotion. It is difficult to imagine their songs being sung any other way!

Some songs become more personal for a reason. Perhaps they make you think of a person, a place, a film, the music video, or even where you were when you first heard it. Twin Atlantic songs are more personal because of the thick Scottish accent unintrusivley and thoughlessly worked through each line. Well...for me anyway.

Favourite tracks:
- Make a Beast of Myself
- Yes I was Drunk
- Edit Me

I love this video. He starts in brown Converse shoes, and finishes in green.

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